About me

I used to be one of those 13-year-old clueless kids, had no care about the size of my footprint on the world -- that didn’t even mean anything to me, and neither did metaphors that described my choices…


Then I moved to Bali, with two years ahead of attending the Green School. That was a life-changing experience, to say the least. After discovering my hidden passion for the environment and activism, I needed to develop a lifestyle to continue once I return to Melbourne that reflected my experience in Bali. How would I escape the drowning consumerist attitudes, as well as prevent the return of my clueless self?

I did my research on the trusty web, reading overwhelming amounts of blog posts and articles. One day, the idea of minimalism was born, along with oath to never throw anything in the rubbish again! As I venture through the world of the simple living for the next year, I will be documenting my experiences, research, and thoughts, in the hopes of inspiring other fellow humans to start implementing simple living ideas in their life as well. With this year-long experience, I hope to prove that minimalism is a solution to humanity’s sustainability problems -- because human habits can change the world for the better!