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A greenie, a jar, and a message on a ricebag.

8 months, a 600 gram mason jar of trash, 2 suitcases full of stuff, and a crazy happy human being. This 14th blog post marks the end (or should I say beginning?) of a quest for less...

Last month, I presented a TED-style talk to the entire Green School Community. My journey of zero-waste and minimalist living was summarised in 13 minutes in the hopes of encouraging us ‘greenies’ to move beyond our conditioned consumption and live with little impact on our world!

The end result? People came up to me expressing their disbelief in the trash jar, fascination of the philosophy behind minimalism, and excitement for the THINK kit to get out there!

It's clear I haven’t taken the opportunity until now to properly introduce this business project. The THINK kit was made to go hand-in-hand with my talk’s message, and be a tool for the Green School community to use once they felt like they wanted to live with less trash. So, with my talk out on YouTube in a week, and having received ideas to continue selling them across the globe... here it is: the lessrubies THINK kit -- a zero-waste kit for a conscious consumer.

The idea planted itself shortly after I decided I wanted to make my message truly ‘stick’ in Green School’s mind. The fact is that people can watch an inspirational video or event and feel so enormously impacted that they want to take action immediately. But when there’s no clear step forward, that empowerment dies off quickly. If I wanted more people to live more green, then I needed to give them a tool to do so. So, I teamed up with TRI upcycle: a social enterprise that creates upcycled handkerchiefs to promote awareness of Indonesia’s last-remaining rainforests and the importance in protecting their biodiversity. Meizal Rossi (a crazy good artist, and cunning zero-waster from Jakarta) designed the two-sided graphics of the bag, which became the symbol of my Green Stone message. I then made the first trial batch: 25 bags made from recycled rice bags and hessian; full of essential tools for zero-waste shopping.

The run-down of the goodies inside:

All profits made from the kit sales go back to TRI’s grassroot organisation partners in Central Borneo who use our donations to continue protecting Kalimantan’s peatland forests, and offer climate change education to local Indonesian youth. From new firefighting equipment, to educational kids books for rural communities... every donation counts!

After gaining popularity in Bali, and interest in Australia, the kit is now being uploaded onto an online store on TRI upcycle’s website (soon to be published!) where people from across the globe (like you) can purchase the kit and get a taste of zero-waste living!

- WATCH THIS SPACE for the link -

In the meantime, you can register your interest in the kit here.

The bag is, essentially, a physical end product of my experience as a minimalist, and can help gain momentum in a movement for a more connected world -- THINKing about our impact on nature, others, and ourselves.

Connection, is simply, the only way we can bring our world out of this mess, and create a more sustainable planet.

And with that, I would like to thank my mentors all the way back in Bali, the TRI upcycle crew, incredible Meizal, Sieta from CERES Melbourne, fellow THINK kit owners, and… my subscribers and viewers. You are the reason this passion project of mine has become what is has become now: A simple blog platform with a huge goal of inspiring, and changing the world; starting with us, consumers. Thank you for listening, supporting, encouraging, and lighting a fire of passion inside of me and so many others. It has been a crazy, invaluable, year-long journey FULL of self and world discovery -- something that I will never ever forget, and has me feeling more ready to get into the world and create more positive change.

And I hope that you, a friend, or any one of you who have been read a blog post (or all!), are feeling ready to make a change, reconnect, and look inside. Let’s see where it leads you, us, and the world. Minimalism may really be the answer we’re looking for.

Just THINK about it…

Until next time,

- Ruby the minimalist (and her trash jar)

Watch my talk here:

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