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'THINK'... A zero-waste kit produced in collaboration with TRI upcycle. 

(Design courtesy of the amazing,  Meizal Rossi














As my year-long minimalist and zero-waste experiment drew to a close, I decided I wanted to continue living more eco-consciously, and help others to do the same -- but there was an issue: If I want others to live more sustainably, how can I encourage them to do so?


The 'THINK' zero-waste starter kit was born -- a tool for community members to purchase to help the transition to a minimalist lifestyle. Made from upcycled materials and sourced from local social enterprises, the kit includes beeswax wraps to replace clingwrap, jars and drawstring bags for bulk shopping, and a classic handkerchief made by TRI upcycle.




































TRI Upcycle 

is a social enterprise, producing handkerchiefs made from upcycled materials, and helping grassroots organizations in Kalimantan, Borneo to protect the remaining peatland rainforests. And, like myself, on a mission to preach the importance of conscious consumption.

To learn more about this incredible initiative, read more on triupcycle.com


All profits help protect Borneo's rainforests 





Interested in getting your hands on a THINK kit? Feel free to send me a message of interest here:

















What's inside?